im a blogger now, say what?

December 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

so here it is.  it’s finally time for me to enter the blog world.  i’m almost positive that i’m waaaay behind on this whole trend/fad/whatever you want to call it, but i’ve always wanted one to write down my mindless thoughts (oxymoron?) so again, here it is.

it’s kind of a daunting task really, to write down the countless things and ideas that are going on in my head, but i’d like to try. i can remember many times in the past where i’ve actually said things like “man, i really want to start a blog” or “that would be something worth writing about/posting…if i actually had a blog.” ha. i’m lame, i know.

but i’m actually making it happen this time, which surprise surprise, i’m actually capable of doing.  cause let’s be honest (i think you’re gonna see that phrase a lot here…hints the title) i’m not that great at taking initiative.  usually i wait around for others to take action or for some reason think that things, opportunities mainly, are just going to fall into my lap. but from what i’ve experienced in the past, they don’t. these said things take initiative, work, effort, and action.  i’m aware that that statement is not some mind-blowing epiphany, but hey it’s just my first post so cut me some slack.  and i think i’m actually getting better at it. example: starting this blog. baby steps, guys. baby steps.

anyways, i hope to post things that are actually worth reading. you know, things i’m passionate about, things i think are funny. things i’m feeling, thinking, and anything else i deem worry of posting.  this is the place to do it, i guess. some online journal posted on the internet where all the world can read. but let’s be honest, who’s really gonna read this. me (just cause i wrote it), my mom maybe (cause she has to, she’s my mom), and apparently you (_____ insert your reason here). maybe you’re a blog stalker. which fyi, a confession: i’m totally a blog stalker.  i love reading random blogs. people i don’t really know but maybe have a small connection with or people i actually do know.  i’m just fascinated with what’s going on in people’s heads…

anyways, hopefully i can keep up with it too. you know, maybe try posting something once a week? multiple times a week? if you’re lucky.

so yeah, if you think this is something worth keeping up w/ and you have a blog then add me to your…blogroll? i think that’s what that’s called and i’ll add you to mine…if i can figure out how. we can be blog friends. and even if it’s not something that you’ll read, add me anyways so i can feel like i have friends in this new, unfamiliar blogosphere…look at me, using all this new snazzy lingo.  i’m definitely a rookie, but i hope it works out. i kinda like it…even though this first post ended up being NOTHING like what i had planned. hope that’s not a reoccurring theme.  but just a forewarning,  it probably will.  that’s just what happens.


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