morning mayhem

December 9, 2009 § 3 Comments

so here’s how my day started.  i got up this morning at let’s say…6:55 a.m. because abby was going to the honda dealership for an appointment. she’s been having problems with her speedometer lately;  it kept saying that she was going like 103 or 110 mph and she seriously thought something was wrong. i would too. so she calls the place and they set her up to get it checked out.  why they scheduled it at the ungodly hour (i’m being dramatic, i know) of 7:30 in the morning i’ll never know. but yeah, she asked me if i could drive my car and follow so i could bring her back to the house and then we’d go back and pick it up later…harmless proposition right? wrong.  i’ll get to that later. let me give you the details.

so i say, “sure i’ll go with you”.  i had 2 finals today and was wanting to go to the library around 10 to study but i didn’t mind because who else was gonna go with her? i’m not just gonna leave her at the dealership all day sitting/waiting for her car. we head out of our town home (yeah, we just moved this weekend and we live in a town home now. yay!) super early, it was like 20 degrees, and i rolled out of bed in my sweats and slippers cause i knew i wouldn’t have to get out or be seen in public, which let’s be honest, probably wouldn’t stop me in the first place, but that’s beside the point. we drove on over to the dealership WHICH took like almost an hour because traffic is RIDICULOUS with all the people who actually have real jobs trying to get to work, and when we got there she pulled her car in the service slot while  i parked and waited for her to get done.  but then like literally 2 minutes later she pulls out and drives up next to me, and i’m thinking…”why is she not leaving her car here? shouldn’t it take a  lot longer than that to fix her speedometer?” she rolls down her window, laughing hysterically, which of course makes me break into nonsensical laughter as well, and she says “you’re gonna hate me.”

that statement alone confirmed my assumptions: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her car. we drove ALLLL the way out here for nothing, and i’m sitting in my pj’s in the freezing cold weather at the crack of dawn, for nothing. yeah, nothing. and it turns out i was correct.  apparently a little button near the speedometer had accidentally been set to kilometers instead of miles, so the guy pushed the button and then sent her on her way….and i’m thinking, “seriously? SERIOUSLY? that’s it.  AAARRRGGGGHHH.” basically we hated our lives at that moment. but why should i be surprised, it’s definitely something that would happen to us.

and then her next response was, “i’ll buy you breakfast” which lead to more uncontrollable laughter (that happens a lot) and let’s be honest, i wasn’t complaining. so we drove on over to IHOP and shared a bacon omelet and some harvest grain & nut pancakes. which, btw are the best pancakes there. you should try ’em.  and i felt a little trashy walking in there in my tattered sweatpants and slippers…you know like fuzzy, cream-colored, grandma’s favorite pair of slippers style. kinda like these:            
but whatev. it was fun.  i got breakfast and a really great memory out of it, and that’s more than enough for me.


§ 3 Responses to morning mayhem

  • I could totally picture this whole scenario in my head…
    I could almost hear Abby’s laughter and her mumbling voice as she explained to you what was wrong!
    Love it!
    I promise I won’t comment on everything…ok…maybe I will! 🙂

  • Lacy Beckler says:

    Well, lets just say that’s happened to me, except I didn’t get smart enough to take it in 🙂
    You two make me smile…
    Love you

  • alla says:

    dude that is freakin hilarious. I can just see you telling the story and you and abby laughing uncontrolably like grandma does lol

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