i got poked. but not like a facebook poke.

December 24, 2009 § 3 Comments

it’s 3:45 a.m. and for some reason i’m not exhausted. so i figured i could blog. it’s officially christmas eve, there’s SNOW covering the ground, and since i’ve been home i’ve been wrapping gifts, baking/decorating christmas cookies, spending time with family and friends, and remembering the birth of our savior king. gah. i love this time of year. it seems that all of my favorite things are wrapped into one season.
but anyways, guess what happens when your sister is a nurse-to-be and there’s a local blood drive in town. yep you guessed it, i got stuck with a big ol’ needle today.  this was my first time to donate and i’ll be honest, i wasn’t exactly jumping up and down about it. but i know that it’s such a great thing for patients who really need it and abs was expressing the importance of it…how it’s our civic duty…and then she threw in “remembering the reason for christmas”…and i was done. how could i say no. now, i can’t say i was ecstatic about willingly letting some stranger inject a needle into my vein, but i sucked it up and went. abs and i headed to the grocery store parking lot (welcome to our hometown) where there was a little bus/r.v. thing set up by the united blood services. we went in and got ready to give our blood. 
i wish someone would’ve warned me ahead of time of the personal questions they ask to ensure you’re elligible to give. you know, like if you have hiv/aids, have traveled out of the country, have had a tattoo or piercing in the past year, etc. i mean, it’s not like i have anything to hide, i answered no to all of the questions, but some of them were so ridiculous. i seriously couldn’t keep it together. real professional, right? i sure didn’t sound like a 21-year-old young woman i can tell you that much. more like an eighth grade boy…here’s a taste of mine and abby’s text convo. after it happened.
me: “i was laughing hysterically @ some of those questions”
abby: “like legitimately laughing?” (i’m sure she was mortified when i told her this. she’s all professional, straight-faced nurse, and i’m the immature kid that can’t keep a straight face)
me: “oh yeah dude. ‘in the past 12 months have you had sex with a male who may have had sex w/ another male who may have hiv or aids?’
abby: “hahahahaha. i can so see you. i’ve heard those questions before”

ridiculous, right? but i guess they have to ask and i don’t blame them. but then i didn’t feel so bad cause the nurse was laughing with me and when we were done she said, “you’d be surprised at how many people answer yes to some of these questions.” yeesh.
but we took a couple pictures to document our adventure. i’m a little ashamed that i wasn’t as tough as  i should’ve been. i was kinda nervous going into it, but i cringed for real when they stuck me…and abby caught it. (buuut my needle WAS one size bigger so i can use that as my excuse )
here’s one of abs before getting stuck. she watched them inject the needle too. eeeeek. no, thanks.

here i am before getting stabbed (dramatic, i know) with my box of donor goodies (viles, bags, gauze…the usual).
maybe she’s not so excited as the blood draining from her body robs her of all her energy and drops her temperature five degrees (i’m making all of this up).

and finally, our sweet tees. a little big, but whatev. it’ll make a good sleeping shirt.
but for real, it felt good to know that i was contributing to someone who legitimately will need that blood someday. maybe a car-accident victim, a woman in labor, a child in surgery…the Lord has blessed me with great health, so why not give a small portion of that to someone stuck in the hospital needing a blood transfusion. you never know, it may end up saving their life. and what does it take? a little time, a little prick on the arm…pretty sure i can handle that. now i can say i’ve done it once, and i’d do it again…a super small act, but it may make a big difference to someone who needs it.
and now that it’s almost 5 am (what in the world am i doing up at this ungodly hour? i’m gonna hate myself tomorrow…which is actually today!) i bid you goodnight. happy christmas eve!


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