it’s official. i’m a literacy nerd.

February 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

you know i’ve always been a crazy reader since i was super young. growing up we didn’t have cable until i was probably in the 4th/5th grade maybe. can’t remember exactly. but seriously, i had my nose in a book 24/7. i remember i would lay down and read on the bathroom floor (not the most sanitary choice, i realize that now) until my mom would come amd force me to get up and take a shower (i was like 9, mind you). and even then, i’d choose a bath and sit, soak, and read forever. i even earned like 1000 (something stupid like that) A.R. points during my years in 4-6th grade. while some kids were buying ring pops, stickers, and erasers from the A.R. store I got to buy  a GameBoy Color. just call me big time.

well now, my insanities have reached a new height. the college kind. i actually like sitting in lecture for three hours from 5-8 p.m. listening to my professors talk about literacy. the best methods, ways for kids to be successful, how they learn to read, prior knowledge needed, etc.  let’s be honest, who likes that? i don’t know…me i guess.

i’ve always complained about night classes. hated ’em. vowed i would never take another after my first one. unfortunately, uta doesn’t offer all education classes during the day, so i’m stuck going to school in the dark. kinda. usually i’m dying to get out of class so i can go home and watch the most recent episode of project runway or something, but i could just sit there and keep listening and learning from people who are experts and just get it. they know what it takes to get kids to love to read and to be successful at it. which is really important (both of those combined). i just want to sit and have conversations with them. pick their brain and have them pour all their knowledge and experience into me.  it’s good to have that feeling of, “okay, good. i think i’m in the right field.” that’s comforting. and education in what capacity? i’m not sure yet. i continue to ask myself that. american public school system? i’m not sure if that’s what i want, at least right now. overseas? yeah, i think i want that at least for a time. using education as a means to minister to others? to children? to provide a way out monetarily for children trapped in poverty and spiritually by teaching the Gospel? ALWAYS. but we’ll see. the Lord knows my heart, my desires, and His plans for my life are good. real good. i find all comfort and security in that.

anyways, i’m sure if any of my friends in the edu. program read this they’ll probably think i’m crazy, but that’s just me. i’m a nerd.
***btw, literacy does include writing too, but i haven’t quite found my fierce passion in that, unless it’s personal writing…working on it though. maybe i’ll blog when i find it.


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