wow. two months.

April 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

well friends, it’s almost been a solid two months since i’ve blogged. and i don’t even really know what i’ve been doing these past 60 days. oh wait…yes i do. work, class, projects, lessons, observations, meetings. you name it, i’ve done it. i can honestly say that my life has been so incredibly busy and i can’t even keep my days straight. just today i had someone ask me, “so what did you do today? did you have class?” and i just sat there…gave her a blank stare…and said, “what day is it today?” for real, busy has been the name of the game lately.

school has been owning me. this semester has been the most time consuming semester to date. sometimes i leave the house at 7:30 am and don’t get home until 8:30 pm. some parts are fun and other parts not so much. basically, if i didn’t have my planner then my life would be in shambles…isn’t that lame?! gah, i’m ashamed to even admit it. and i think i’m starting to feel the exhaustion set in…

lots of times, or actually most of the time being overwhelmingly busy is not good for the sanity, but really i don’t feel like i have much control over that right now. we are now into april (crazy!) and it’s go time to finish out the semester. usually school junk has never been too stressful or too much for me, up until this point. and it’s probably a combination of other things that  have/are happening this year that make my head kinda spin, but basically i’m ready for summer. i’m ready for a break. i’m ready to feel like i have at least some say in what goes on in my life.

i’m tired. i’m drained. and in need of some serious renewal. physical and mental rest. my apologies for sounding like negative nancy tonight, but it is what it is. that seems to be a recurring theme that likes to pop up and take it’s place in my life. “it is what it is”.

hopefully, my next post will be  a little more exciting than just “hey, i can’t breathe, i’m drowning in my own busyness” but that’s all i got for tonight. and hopefully i’ll post again before say…december? yeah, that’d be nice.

and i wish i could come up with a cool april fool’s joke for you too, like “hey i’m pregnant” or “oh, i’m becoming a vegetarian”, but i just don’t have the energy to come up with something half-way decent or believable. so on that note…



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