summer please get here soon.

April 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

hello blog world,

it is finally time to let you all know that i am going to northern africa this summer. i apologize if you are also my facebook friend and you’re reading this because most of the information in this post will be a repeat from my group (but not as long), and i am trying to reach as many people as possible. 🙂

i’m going to be serving in this region for 4-5 weeks this summer, teaching english to elementary and middle school aged children. one of my good friends is living there, so i am going to meet up with her and her team. the teachers at the school are very open to volunteers sharing the Gospel with the students, and that is the very reason that i’m going. i can’t wait to share the love of Jesus with these children, families, and teachers. it’s going to be incredible.

i’m also trying to set up a day to meet a young girl named simret who lives in this region that i have been sponsoring through compassion international. if you are not familiar with compassion international it is an incredible child sponsorship program that is radically changing children’s lives around the world by breaking the chains of poverty…one child at a time. they meet the needs of the children and their families by providing them with an education, medical attention, meeting their daily needs, and sharing the love of Jesus with them. i can not wait to see her face to face and tell her how much i love her and what greater love the Father has for her.

so basically i’m raising money by taking donations, and giving a shirt in return. if you choose to give $25 or more then i will send you this sweet shirt that my good friend, scott burks designed.

he’s an incredible artist. if you ever need any design work done you should definitely contact him. (shameless plug)

if you’re interested in donating feel free to e-mail me at, and i will get you taken care of. please keep me and the whole process of making this trip happen in your prayers. it’s a little overwhelming at times, but i’m so excited about what these 4-5 weeks are going to look like…

so sorry this post is not very in-depth and mainly logistics, but i’m trying to keep it brief. i gotta run, but i will be updating with more details soon.



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