cinco sticks.

May 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

take a wild guess at what i did today. can you tell from the title? if so, then you’re good! i got lots of shots for my trip in july! not just 1 0r 2…but 5! at one time. it actually wasn’t too bad. i can honestly say that i would do it over again if i had to. (which i will eventually because i didn’t get all the ones i need) before i even went in i started feeling all nervous…it was like my stomach was gonna come up and out of my mouth…i start jittering my legs and twisting my hair…those are obviously my nervous tendencies. but the whole process only lasted about 15 minuntes, and then i was out of there. the nurse was really nice and eased me into each shot as they came. the tetanus one is the only one that’s made my arm sore so far. and here are the pictures that i promised. post-poke.

two in this arm.

three = more pain.

so that’s the most exciting thing that’s happened on my thursday. i’m back home hanging out w/ my parents for a couple of days. it’s so nice to get away from the “city” for awhile. life in a small town is so different and so refreshing sometimes. so i’ve compiled a list of things that make me most excited about being out in the middle of nowhere w/ 3,300 other west texans:
1. i got stuck behind a tractor (yes, a tractor) on the main road on the way to the health clinic
2. it takes me about 2 minutes and 37 seconds to get wherever i want to go
3. the ladies at the health clinic knew my parents…and one of them even bought a shirt to help support my trip!
4. i can pick up about four radio stations in my car, two are country and the other two are in spanish (let’s be honest, that doesn’t make me very excited)
5. my mom buys cheetos. i’ll just leave it at that.
6. the “nature trail” used for walking/running has two pump jacks right smack dab in the middle of it. welcome to an oil town.
7. an elderly man held the door open for me and said, “howdy mam. how are ya?” presh.

so there’s a few for ya. but trust me, there are many many more. i know that i could never live here again long term, but i’m excited about spending time with family and friends that i haven’t seen in awhile. it’s good to relax and take time to work on things that need to get taken care of before i head out.



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