i love compassion.

June 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

i leave in 9 days. that is blowing my mind. i have declared this next week “get your junk done” week. lots of details to finish and make sure i have everything. it’s a scary thought to leave for a month halfway across the world and not have the thingsi need.  i’m trying to make sure i don’t have one of those moments.

i’ve also gotten word that i’m going to get to meet my compassion child while i’m there!!!! man, that makes my heart so incredibly happy. compassion has been so helpful and done everything to make this visit possible-i’m so thankful for their staff and the trust they have in their sponsors. they really will do anything possible to make these visits happen. i’ve dreamed about this day actually happening, and now on august 11th it will become a reality. i’ll be able to spend a day with my child, simret (she’s actually not much of a child anymore-she turns 14 in july)  and her mother. i can only imagine what this time will be like. i can’t wait to let her know how much i love her and how honored i am to be her sponsor…how much i’ve learned through our relationship, and how important i believe it is to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. it is such a humbling and incredible place to be-to provide financial support for a child, but to use the power of words to encourage, build up, and  affirm who they are. to tell them how much they are valued, worthy, and loved by an eternal King who has created them and desires their heart.

i just love the heart of compassion and their promise to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. i love that Jesus is the only one who can bring true freedom, hope, and life, and that compassion exalts His name above their own. they are truly being the hands and feet of Christ for these children and their families, and i’m honored to have a small part in the things the Lord is doing through them all around the world.

i love that compassion has such a close relationship with the local churches in the area to care for and help grow these children. they are the ones who are taking the time to disciple, teach, and lift them up on a daily basis. they are committed to the lives and dreams of the little ones and are truly making an eternal difference. i hope i get to meet some of these people on my visit. that would be so legit.

i really can’t imagine what this day will be like, but i can’t wait to see how the Lord will strengthen my relationship with simret by actually seeing her face-to-face and to talk, laugh, hug, and share about our lives on a much more tangible basis.

-i’m praying that language barriers will not be an issue.
-i’m praying that she will be able grasp my love for her, but more importantly, the love that the Father has for her.
-i’m praying that things will be comfortable, fun!, and we’ll really be able to enjoy the time we spend together.
-i’m praying for her mother. i hope that trust will be built and she will know how much respect i have for her. 

it will be good, i know that for sure because the Lord is good, and He knew this day before i could even begin to plan it. i like that.

But you, O God, do see trouble and grief;
       you consider it to take it in hand.
       The victim commits himself to you;
       you are the helper of the fatherless.

psalm 10:14


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