what are you listening to?

July 1, 2010 § 5 Comments

i expect you to answer that question at the end of this blog. but i’ll go first. it starts with hillsong united and ends with michael jackson. what?! i know. i kinda jump around and there’s no real theme or fluidity – just randoms that i like. some have special meaning, some resonated with my heart over the past year, and some resonate with my heart now. some i like to dance to. some i like to sing REALLY loudly in my car. some are old some are new. anyways, you’re free to have your opinion and if you don’t like ’em that’s okay with me. this is my blog 🙂

1. like incense/sometimes by step – hillsong united – gosh. i literally can’t stop listening to this song. i’m obsessed. i love brooke fraser for so many reasons, and this is one of them. this is really one of the most moving, intimate worship songs that i’ve heard in a while. i really can’t do much of the christian music that’s out there, but i do love me some hillsong. this song especially has an effect on my heart, and the lyrics are such a great response. obsessed.

2. if you wanna go – joy williams – okay, i know that when you saw “joy williams” you probably instantly thought of supper cheese christian music, like circa 1997 pop hits, right? that’s okay. you can admit it. well, it seems like our girl joy has actually been putting out some better music recently. a couple of ep’s with deeper lyrics…and she’s part of a duo called the civil wars. and i really like them. anyways, i’m not really sure how i found this song. i don’t think it’s on any specific albm, but somehow i found it. and WORE it OUT the first couple of weeks…

3. progress – mutemath – i mean, anything by mutemath i’ll probably love. but for some reason i just love listening to this song. i honestly don’t know if i could recite any of the lyrics off the top of my head…but i think it’s the music. honestly, any song will lure me in if the music is good. and it’s REAL good on this one. at least i think so.

4. jigsaw – mates of state – i’m fairly new to mates of state, but i really like them. this is song is just kinda light and fun. an easy listen i suppose.

5. your protector – fleet foxes – i don’t really listen to a lot of this band, but i have found a couple of songs that i like. this is one of them. it’s kinda sounds like this song should have been recorded in another decade/year. definitely not 2008.

6. the grey man – copeland – let’s be honest, anything by copeland i will like. one of my favorites. they can do no wrong in my book.

7. shelter – ray lamontagne – you know, ray lamontagne is just a good choice all around. sometimes i want to marry his voice. it’s just so different…such rasp. like he’s been chain smoking and yelling really loudly all day and then he sits down to sing a song. i’m a fan.

8. my delirium-ladyhawke – i don’t really know when i first heard this song, but it’s fun. so i added it to the list.

9. dog days are over-florence and the machine – this one is just fun too. i think i heard it on “the city”. (yes, i watch lame mtv shows. don’t judge me.) that’s all.

10. the only exception – paramore – i used to run to paramore a lot my freshman year of college. literally, i would run to their whole album “riot” just because it was crazy loud and upbeat the whole way through. well, i heard this song on a tv special that featured them a couple months ago. again, i don’t really know why i like it. i just do.

11. happier- a fine frenzy – man, i really like a fine frenzy. i can listen to them pretty consistently and not really get tired of it. their lyrics are super creative and cute. kinda girly at times, and i like. one song from their first album says, “like an apple on a tree – hiding out behind the leaves – i was difficult to reach – but you picked me. like a shell upon a beach – just another pretty piece – i was difficult to see – but you picked me. yeah, you picked me.” um…let’s just say if i could sing that about boy i’d be one happy girl.

12. the reeling – passion pit – i just like passion pit. this is a “roll down the windows, and BLARE it” kind of song. i’m a fan of the electronica feel too.

13. just say yes – snow patrol – i heard a clip of this song from a romantic comedy movie preview. i kept hearing it over and over and was so frustrated because i knew the voice, but i didn’t know the song. so i finally looked it up and duh. it’s snow patrol. anyways, it’s such a chick movie song, but i don’t care. i’m a girl, and i get suckered in by lovey music sometimes.

14. can’t change my mind – matthew mayfield – this is another guy whose voice i love. it’s just raw and a little raspy too. he has some other great songs that i like: “first in line”, “element”, “open road” and more…he’s a good one.

15. you rock my world – michael jackson – okay. michael jackson is a genius. let’s just get that out of the way. even if you’re not a fan you have to admist that he’s a dang good entertainer. i’ve been on a big mj kick recently and he is just…so stinkin’ good. i’ve also become a little fascinated with his life and death since the year anniversary was a couple days ago. i really watched a ton of unnecessary documentaries/specials about his life happenings. man, i would not want to be in his shoes. he had some serious daddy issues. it’s one of those moments where you really wish they knew Jesus, you know? anyways, i could’ve put a number of songs of his on this list like, “human nature”, “they don’t care about us”, “i just can’t stop lovin’ you”, “the girl is mine”….the list goes on and on…

so i hope you liked the list. it’s not very cohesive, i know. i’ll try to do better next time.

so, what are you listening to? favorite song? favorite artist? do share.


§ 5 Responses to what are you listening to?

  • Tobin Rasco says:

    OK Alex…So first, I had no idea about this blog and have been reading it the last 30 minutes trying to catch up. Great stuff!!! Secondly, I had no idea that you are going to Africa!! That is so awesome, and I’ll be praying for you. How long will you be there? Finally, I really like the list of songs you have listed…especially the Ray Lamontagne song!! Here is a not so short list of songs that I’ve been digging the last year or so. I could have put so many more, but had to restrain myself. Anyway, here goes:

    SafetySuit – The Moment – There will be a couple from SafetySuit, and if you haven’t check them out, I’d highly suggest it. Very mellow yet flavorsome sound, with great vocal/guitar effects.

    SafetySuit – Anywhere But Here – A great love song that talks about a guy wondering if he can be enough for the girl, but decides that being without her is not what he wants. Has a great musical climax towards the end.

    RED – Never Be The Same – One of the softer songs by RED, this is a great acoustic rock song. RED definitely has a sound of their own, but do sound somewhat like Linkin Park at times. Great vocals, and great usage of natural strings in all of their songs.

    RED – Forever – This is classic RED…Heavy alternative rock with catchy guitar rhythms. This song is lyrically amazing to me, especially in the chorus that reads, “But you chased me down and broke in just when I was done believing. Spun me ’round so close now
    I can feel you breathing. Sunlight burns inside and I feel so alive and. Help me now, tell me how. How can this last forever, forever.”

    RED – Start Again – If you can’t tell I’m a huge RED fan. This song is just beautifully put together in my opinion.

    Ryan Calhoun – Who We Are – If you’ve never listened to Ryan Calhoun, he is an acoustic artist much like Jason Reeves in my opinion. Definitely has a different singing style though. This song is just about living life as best as we can for who we are.

    Weaver At The Loom – Without Fear of Their Return – Haha…Now this is a random band I just happened to stumble across a few months ago. I’m still not sure what their lyrics are getting at, but their sound if extremely mellow, yet soothing.

    Dave Barnes – God Gave Me You – One of Dave Barnes’ best produced songs in my opinion. Very clean acoustic work, and great overall mix. I love how he makes God the focal point of this love song. Best line IMO is , “There’s more here than what we’re seeing, A divine conspiracy.”

    Eli Young Band – So Close Now – I’ve actually gotten into some country lately, and this song seems to be the most listened to for some reason. Good band!!

    John Mayer – Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – Easily, hands down, my favorite Mayer song. Maybe it’s the guitar work in the end of the song, but I love this song.

    Mat Kearney – City of Black & White – Mat Kearney is one of top 10 favorite artists easily. While I miss the rap style flow he had in earlier music, he still brought it on the City of Black & White album. Kearney is definitely changing his tone to a more “Coldplay-Type” feel. Excellent Song!!

    Matt Wertz – Sweetness In Starlight – Matt Wertz & Dave Barnes go together to me for some reason. While Wertz does not mix religion in his songs as much, he has some great music including this song.

    Paper Tongues – Get Higher – Most random band award for me here! I found them on itunes and immediately was drawn to their music. Very different than anyone else I’ve ever heard, but great all the way around. They have a lot of upbeat songs that make you bob your head.

    Parachute – The Mess I Made – No explanation on this one, just like the song.

    116 Clique – No More – Ultimate workout song for me, and kind of an anthem for those trying to live a Christian lifestyle in college. Great beat, and great words!!

    Hillsong United – From the Inside Out – Ultimate worship song for me throughout the last 3 or 4 years handsdown. I think I have played this song during every worship set I have led since I first heard it. This song is the epitome of my heart!!

    Kutless – I’m Still Yours – LOVE Kutless!! This song off of their newest worship album takes the cake for me. Kind of slow and melodic, but has a great build up that cries out to God expressing that we are His!!

    Lecrae – Don’t Waste Your Life – I know you don’t need any explanation for Lecrae. This song is straight up sick!

    Lecrae – I’m A Saint – See Above!!

    Saosin – You’re Not Alone – Kind of an older song (Ok…Only 2006), but I’ve never gotten tired of if.

    Other Bands I’m Into: Anberlin, Submersed, Faktion, Jason Aldean, Skillet, The Glorious Unseen, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli.

    Sorry for long post, but I couldn’t stop. Could have seriously done this all day. Anyway, I hope everything goes amazing in Africa!! Maybe you will will like some of this music I posted. I will for sure check out a few of the songs you listed. Hope all is well, and i’ll be praying for you!!

  • jerod says:

    nice list. here’s a few i’ve enjoyed recently.

    the avett brothers – all of their stuff is pretty good. been liking the second gleam album

    courrier – austin band and one of the worship bands at austin stone. good musically and lyrically.

    david ramierz – another quality austin singer songwriter

    ryan bingham – old school country with gritty vocals

    mumford and sons – intriguing writing

    and one last list: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128167998&ft=1&f=1039

    balmorhea – just good music http://www.balmorheamusic.com/

  • neil says:

    Hey thats cool that you made a list and told why you liked them. I find it fasinating to hear what someone is listening to currently and why it moves them whether it be the lyrics speak to them, it reminds them of a memory, describes their current life situation, or they just like the beat. I try to get responses from people, but am usually met with reluctance, not sure why. I make burned cd’s with regularity (well in the 100’s now) and I think maybe 1 or 2 people ever have listened and told me what they like and why. I will have to put a list of some of my current favorites on here, but not tonight for its late 🙂 Anyways, I hope you are well and I will say a prayer for you and your friends in Africa!

  • jerod says:

    and check out ‘you are the best thing’ by ray lamontagne

  • Neil says:

    Ok, so here is my list (from the top of my head) of songs I’m digging right now…and maybe a couple of nostalgic songs just for fun. I would have to agree with Tobin on RED, they are a great band and my personal favorite from them is ‘Death of Me’. Makes me think of the television. I shall have to check out A Fine Frenzy, I’ve only heard the song ‘Rangers’ from them but I enjoyed that one…they seem unique. Alright here goes…

    Twenty-Three by Project 86 – This song is very unusual, has this very strange ‘other-worldly’ kind of vibe but I get goosebumps when I read the lyrics (because you can’t really hear them) and listen. It is kind of how the universe is so big and we often waste our time here on earth busying ourselves with selfish and even pointless conquests when life is really much more simple and the answers to all the questions that matter is God (also check out To Sand We Return, Molotov, Sanctuary Hum)

    Get on the Plane – The Myriad another great song about escaping the toil and tension of the rat race and the mindless pursuit of temporary things (also check out Forget What You Came For)

    Friend of the Night – Mogwai – this is just a beautiful instrumental that just makes me think about how wonderful life is. I don’t know if I can name a specific emotion but this song just makes me think of the day you realize that life is so much bigger than just ourselves.

    The Resistence – Muse – Muse is definitely one of my all time favorites. Their main writer Matt Bellamy is genius, every single note in every song they play fits. This is a fantastic song about maintaing love the way it was meant and holding onto it

    Trinity – Paper Tongues – a great song about the life a Christian should live. The pre-chorus nearly moves me to tears…’I’m reaching from the depths of my soul, here me pleading, I’m a child…I’m the poor, I’m needing to withdraw on your virtue, believe it’

    Go On – Jack Johnson – a cool mellow song and one of the most introspective songs on life I’ve ever heard (also check out Breakdown)

    Be Alive in Me – Abandon – a great band from Austin, have some elements of The Killers and someone else I cannot quite put my finger on

    Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars – don’t know this song is just epic and magical. I’m a serious daydreamer and this song takes me away regularly (also check out Wunderkind by Alanis Morrisette for another fantastic daydream song)

    Rainy Day – Coldplay – kind of more light and airy than Coldplay usually does but a great song about just wanting things to slow down sometimes

    2-1 Imogene Heap – Im not sure why but I love this song. Well she does have a really cool and unique voice. I guess in this song it just feels like this urgency to act, to make sure your actions and words matter.

    For Miles – Thrice – I really recommend the whole album Vheissu probably one of my three favorite albums of ALL time. Dustin Kensrues is my favorite lyricist ever…if you like thought provoking lyrics this is your man. There is this whole cryptic vibe kind of like the mystery of God on this album and they capture it beautifully. This song is crushing and beautiful all at once.

    High of 75 – Relient K – this is a song that just describes me. With Christ in my heart, despite my circumstances, I cannot help but be happy and joyful and hopeful.

    Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show – my wife had a cousin that died at an early age and this song was played at his funeral. He was a good man but he liked alcohol and his liver failed, he left behind his family and it made me sad for them. This song now to me is synonymous with death, but not in a negative way if that makes any sense.

    Anything by Switchfoot – there songs are an amalgamation of hope, optimism, and honest worship and I cannot get enough of them
    (current favorites Always, Hello Hurricane, Your Love is a Song, Needle and Haystack Life)

    He’s Alive – Don Francisco – this song is soooo old but I still love it. It is so powerful, I just try to envision it all happening. Christ dying then rising again and appearing before Mary and the disciples…the line ‘every fear I ever had just melted into peace’ sends chills up my spine.

    Well thats my current list – hope you check some of them out and enjoy them. bye now ☺

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