Day 2-Friday, July 9th

July 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have made it to EA! I am in the capitol city. My flight left from Germany this morning around 10 am Germ. Time and 3:00 am U.S. time. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. I got very little sleep on this second flight, so I am ready for a good rest. The Frankfurt airport was pretty interesting. I met an older, Armenian man who only spoke Armenian and was flying to Moscow and had no idea how to get to his gate for his flight. I didn’t realize that we had to go through security a second time, so he and I made our way through together. Neither of us spoke German 🙂  but my English was enough get by. I know how unsure and scared I would’ve been if I was in his shoes, so I tried to help as best as I could. It’s amazing how much you can communicate using gestures only. Our gates were near each other and we both made it on time.

Everyone on my flight had to board a bus out to the airplane, and I met a sweet EA woman named Elizabeth who had been living the States for the past 14 years. She was very nice and excited about my time in EA/DD. Once we arrived in the capitol, I had no idea what to do, but I really believe that the Father sent me Elizabeth and allowed our paths to cross for a reason. She helped me get through customs, get my visa, get my bags, and she even waited w/ me until Courtney’s roommate met me. This was very reassuring for a young white American woman who doesn’t know a word of the native language, is constantly being stared at, and feels very vulnerable at this time. I am so grateful to have met Elizabeth and think of her often as my ultimate helper in getting here. I rode in a small taxi on the way to the house I’m staying at, and it’s dark out so I didn’t get to see very much of the city yet. I hope to do that tomorrow. As they say here, “Chow!”


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