Day 3-Saturday, July 10th

July 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Today has been a pretty good day. I made it through my first night and haven’t experienced too much jet lag. I’ve seen more of the city today and come to experience how different life is on this side of the world. The streets are crowded with people, goats and other various animals, and lots of cars. If there are traffic laws, NO ONE obeys them. 🙂 You always have to be watching or else you’re bound to tag someone or something. The home that I am staying at is very nice for this city and the people call the neighborhood “Beverly Hills”. Ha. When really compared to homes in the States, it is well below middle class. I looked out my window this morning and saw trees, mountains, and poorly constructed buildings/homes. Men and women were out walking up and down the street, and the children in tattered clothes were playing on dirt piles. I thought to myself, “Wow, I’m really in Africa.” Nothing groundbreaking, but just the realization of this place was overwhelming…in a good way. It’s a good feeling.

One thing that I am trying to get used to is the staring. I get stared at everywhere I go, and understandably so. I’m a young, white, American woman in a city where I stand out completely. It’s a bit uncomfortable, especially if it’s a group of men, but I understand that they are curious.

My flight to DD leaves tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait! For some reason I don’t feel at ease in the city. Maybe it’s because I’ve only been here a day or two, but I’m ready to go to a much smaller place.


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  • neil says:

    I want to take a trip like this for soooo many reasons. First, just the chance to share the gospel with those who rarely get the opportunity to hear it if ever. Next, and this is the selfish part maybe, but I just cannot stand to be in one place for too long doing the same thing and the thought of the adventure excites me. Additionally, just to see other places in God’s creation and especially somewhere half way around the globe where the culture and way of life is so completely different. I adopted a litte boy named Sam from Uganda and I hope one day that our relationship becomes more than just my monthly sponsorship. Just to be a positive light to these people and to the children is such a big thing. I love children, just their unconquered spirit, innocence, and enthusiasm for life. (one reason I wish to teach perhaps) But to see some kids at so young an age hurting, worried, suffering is more than one person can bear. I do not think there is any way a person with a heart (even one barely beating) can take this trip and not have it be truly life altering and/or eye opening. We are so blessed and I know this, but I want to see just how spoiled and selfish I am. I want to be reminded of it. I love the quote in the bible when Jesus says to look to the little children for such is the kingdom of Heaven. I read a line in the book ‘Crazy Love’ that was so good talking about our need to question God. He said people come to God trying to understand him saying if God is real then why do so many people suffer and starve, but God would only ask us the same question in return. Why are His people suffering? The truth is we are His hands and eyes on this earth. We have the means to completely eradicate hunger and poverty if everyone only gave what they could. We are too much in the habit of choosing ourselves unfortunately, but I guess we are only human. Its so easy to not think about it when your comfortable and your not in the midst of it. I want to be in the midst of it I guess, being comfortable bothers me, and I want to give instead of take…this is why I want to go. Wow, I meant to write like two sentences here…g’night!

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