Day 6-Tuesday, July 13th

July 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

The voice isn’t getting much better, actually progressively worse b/c of talking so much and so loudly at school (class sizes range from 25-60). It’s hard to be heard over 50 something chattering 5th graders who don’t understand the English word for “Quiet, please” and “Silence”. 🙂 I am going to ask how to say them soon along with many others. All of the students smile and laugh when I say words in their language. They think I’m funny, and the fact that I mess up pronunciations is hysterical. I have learned:

Amaseganallu-thank you




And a couple others, but yes, they think they American teacher speaking their language is pretty entertaining. This is only my 2nd day at the school, and I really love these students already. A very bright 6th grader named Deborah came up to me after class and told me that she thought English was easy to learn and she wants to learn all that she can. She speaks with such boldness, and I’m so impressed w/ her confidence/drive to learn. She sits at the front of the class, always pays attention, and always finishes the assignments/activities before the others. She is not one who is incredibly friendly or sweet/smiley, but she was one of the very few students who have approached me personally to have a conversation. I’m very excited to get to know here the next 4 weeks.

Also, sometimes I feel inadequate in teaching English. I was approached by a young man who is working on his English degree and is teaching at this school. I am supposed to teach conversational and he is teaching the rules, grammar, etc. We were talking about our lessons so that we wouldn’t be teaching the same thing twice. Let’s just say I looked pretty ridiculous in front of him. He started spouting off all these things like “conditional tense, past perfect tense, gerund, etc.” I was like, “Um, I don’t really know those things off the top of my head. I’m studying Elem. Education, so I don’t really know how to teach all of the rules and things for English.” He just laughed and said, “Oh that’s okay. You know the language. That should be enough.” 🙂 So yes, I’m struggling a bit to form lesson that fit each different grade (I teach 3-9th grade), so tomorrow I will teach 9, 7, 6, and 4. Eek. Super daunting, but I’ll try to make it work.


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