Day 10-Saturday, July 17th

July 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Courtney’s family has arrived! They had a long couple of days of traveling, and they’re so happy to be here. I went to “Taiwan” today with them to buy some “sheets” or “dira”. Dira are the traditional clothing/dress for a lot of the women here. They’re long dresses made out of fabric that you pick out and buy, and then a tailor sews it for you. It’s really simple-just long fabric with arm and neck holes. It’s probably the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn, and I’m trying to figure out a way to make it work in the States.
Taiwan is a very interesting place because it’s like a shopping center, but nothing like what you’d see in America. Actually, it’s kind of full of junk. It’s separated into sections like clothing, bedding, kitchen utensils, etc. The Prada sunglasses you buy are not really Prada, and the Dolce & Gabana hat really isn’t D&G if you get my drift. It’s a really fun place though.
We also went to Kafira which is a really large outdoor supermarket. It has tons of women selling fruit, veggies, grains, spices, etc. and there are empty potato sacks hanging overhead shielding the sun. Most of the venders are women and sit among their products all day trying to sell to those who walk by. It’s funny because hardly any of them wear shoes, so they’re feet are all over the food. 🙂
It’s really impossible to explain fully the things that I see and experience here because it’s such a different world. I don’t think pictures even do it justice-but they do help. Which, btw, I haven’t taken one picture since I’ve been here. It’s just hard to judge when it’s acceptable and appropriate. I never want to invade on people and be disrespectful, so I’m still trying to feel out the best way to go about it. But I will start taking some soon!


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