Day 9-Friday, July 16th

July 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

The girls from MS were a hit this morning. The students loved them! A mother and daughter got to hang out with me in my 1st class of 8th graders, and it was a lot of fun. They introduced themselves and we did the basic question and answer time. Susan and Sophie did so good with them class! They helped them play “Hangman” and we learned new vocabulary words. I use that as a simple/fun way to learn new words, identify the spelling, and practice pronunciation. My first group was really funny because I was telling Susan that I was going to use the word “expensive”, and I guess some of the students overheard because as soon as we started playing, they kept guessing ALL the right letters and solved the word so fast. Many of them started giggling and I caught on to what had happened. I started laughing and called them out on their cheating-they just laughed and cheered because they had won. I’m really glad they got to join us today, because I know that both the students and the team of girls really enjoyed it.


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