Day 17/18-Sat,Sun July 24/25th

July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

This weekend has been pretty relaxed. We didn’t do a whole lot on Saturday, just laid around the house. Sunday was a good day. I got to be a part of the house chrh that the team has every week. We read a couple vrs. out of Acts 5 where the apostles are thrown into jail because the high priest/Sadducces are so jealous of their influence in the temple. They have been prching and healing and the people were coming to them continually b/c of what the Father was doing through them. When the apostles were thrown into jail that night, an angel was sent and threw open the doors of the jail and commanded them men to go back to the same people, same place, and to teach the fullness of the message. They obeyed immediately and went back to the temple to be among the people again.
We talked a lot about persecution and how real that is for many of the unreached people who eventually come to know and trust the Father. Many of us shared how physical persecution is not something that we’ve been forced to endure, but being held in the grip of fear is a form of persecution that we’ve all experienced. Sometimes the “fullness of the message” is not taught b/c of our fear of what may happen if we boldly proclaim the name of our Father and the salv. He brings. We really wanted to focus on the fact that the power of the Father is always greater than the fear of man. His Wd will prevail, and He will work through the persecution. And even if He does not deliver us from our persecution we will trust that He is at work and that His plans are for the benefit of His glory.
Courtney shared a story w/ me about a young man who is a part of the unreached people group here who was consistently coming to house chrh to learn about the Father and really work through the things he was being taught. His was heart was being softened and the team thought that he was really close to becoming a part of the family. Well, a couple of his family members live near the house where chrh is held, and basically they put 2 and 2 together and told his parents what he was doing and where he was going. When they found out, they were really angry and forbid his to come again, but he refused and continued to meet with this team of blvrs. His parents were really upset about this, so they sent him away to another country in Africa to get him away from the people here who were teaching his Truth.
Wow. I really couldn’t relieve it when she was telling me all of this. I can’t imagine being sent away from my family, and everything that I know. This guy sacrificed everything that he knew and loved b/c of the truth of the G. I’m just pring that he would find other blvrs in this new and different country, and that the Father would place people in life to teach, disciple, and train him. Persecution is very real for a lot of people around the world, and this guy’s story just smacked me in the face when I heard it. It’s convicting, heart-breaking, and really challenges me to fervently pr for those who endure it in the worst circumstances for the sake of the G everyday.
It makes my belief feel so easy, and cushy sometimes-but it’s not a good feeling. How would I react and what would be my response be if I were thrust into this guy’s shoes?


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