Day 20-Tuesday, July 27th

July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

After school today I went w/ Courtney, Lisa, Mallory, and a couple who lives here (Heather & Travis) to visit a different city, HR, for the afternoon. It was about 1 ½ hours away, and the drive was BEAUTIFUL. The roads were really windy (sp?) curvy, because HR is up in the mountains. The drive is kinda scary at times because there aren’t always guardrails and cars are passing each other all the time…and you have to dodge goats, people, cows, horse and buggy, and other cars as you’re going through the small villages. But honestly it was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever been on. We drove by huge cliff drop-offs and saw deep, green valleys…it’s just so vast. Everything is SO green, full of farming, and incredibly gorgeous. I didn’t expect it to be like that at all. I thought it would be really flat, dry, and desert-like…but I was so wrong. It’s the exact opposite. Not what I was expecting at all. It’s so cool how the people have farmed in the mountains because you drive by and see tons of ridges that look like stair steps along the side of the mountains with all kinds of vegetables and crops popping up.

When we first got into HR we had a late lunch at the most popular restaurant in town called “Fresh Touch”. 🙂 I ordered pizza, and I must say, it wasn’t half bad. Nothing like American pizza of course, but it was the first time I’d had cheese since I’ve been here. It tasted so good. Then we walked in through the HR gate-the city has walls all around it so you have to go in through this large stone gate to get in. It reminded of a really old, historic city b/c the streets were made of stone and there were tons of tiny paths that branched off of the main streets and back into little neighborhoods. The city is like a maze, and it’s be really easy to get ost if you didn’t know your way around or took a wrong turn. We made a quick friend, Ayeesha, a 10 year old girl who showed us around the city. She was so sweet and acted like our protector/tour guide. She bought some small pieces of fried fish from a woman on the street and had all of us try it. The she bought us an ambashoke popsicle. Ambashoke is a sweet fruit, and they freeze the juice with water and put it in a small plastic bag to make a “popsicle”. We tried to give her some money for both, but she would not accept it. She wanted to give them as gifts and have us experience her city…so sweet.
Heather and Travis have visited HR many times and really have a heart for the people. It was exciting to see their city and really be able to be intentional about pring for the needs of the people and for their hearts to be softened/receptive to the G. Heather and Travis hope to make their way out there in the next couple months to begin that process.

I also got a small taste of home tonight. We had some friends (two American guys that live and work in DD, and have known the girls here for while) over for dinner and a movie. We made banana pancakes and bacon. Yum. The girls borrowed a projector from a couple that lives here, and we taped up a white sheet against the outside wall of the house. We laid out a bunch of mats, ate popcorn, and watched Moulin Rouge. 🙂 It was a pretty sweet set up. The nights are beautiful here, and it felt perfect outside. It was a really fun night and felt more like home.


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