Day 22-Thursday, July 29th

July 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

I got to help out at another clinic today. It’s always so good to see people come in who desperately need medicine or healing, and to have a small part in what the Father is doing here and how He reveals himself through their restoration of physical health. This often leads to deep, life-changing, spiritual healing that is incredible to see, and the hope of the team working here. Here are a couple of specific patients you can be pring for:
-There’s an 11-year old girl whose thumb really needs to be amputated. I think she got a thorn stuck in it, and it’s just gotten progressively worse. They’re afraid she could get gangrene or a staph infection so they really encouraged her to go to the hospital. The problem is that both of her parents are out of town, so she’s the only one home w/ her younger sister. Thankfully, someone at the clinic knows her family, so I think they’re going to try to find a way to get her there.
-There’s a man who came in today who really touched all of our hearts. He’s probably in his 50’s-60’s and he last his whole family a flood a while back. He has a lot of trouble with his eyes and can’t see very well. He took off his glasses so we could put eye drops in, and his eyes looked so painful. He seemed really appreciative of the help, and I think more so just to be loved on by the team here. Pr that he will come back next week and that the team’s relationship w/ him will continue to grow.
-Pr for a little boy 2 year old boy who has been to the clinic a few times and is really sick. He is so tiny, and you can feel every bone in his little body. I was rubbing his back, and could literally feel every vertebrate on his spine. His little hair is turning grey, and he’s really malnourished. Pr for healing.
-Lastly, pr for one of the nationals who has been a follower for about 5-6 months now. She was at the clinic today and shared the G w/ a fellow EA woman, and the woman joined our family! The team here was so encouraged by her initiative and was so excited about her willingness to share. Everyone here understands that a national sharing w/ another national is always more effective and what the team desires to see. It was awesome!
On another note, I took a real African shower today! It poured down rain this afternoon, so all of us girls ran outside and took showers in it. It was freezing cold, but it felt so good. AND it makes your hair really soft b/c the water doesn’t have all of the minerals like the city water.
AND I ate what I like to call “morning bread” for the first time! There’s a lady down the street who cooks this large, tortilla-like flatbread, and we brought our own jar of honey to put on it. Oh my word, it was so good! It’s really bad b/c she’s right on the way to school, so I’m afraid that I may be stopping there frequently in the morning. 🙂
AND I had mango juice for the 1st time this afternoon. It literally tastes like pure mango in thick, liquid form. Again…so good. Courtney and I tried to get it at a place that serves it with soft serve ice cream, but it was closed. I guess that just means I’ll have to have it a second time. I’m really okay with that. Pretty solid day here, for sure. I really love it.


§ 3 Responses to Day 22-Thursday, July 29th

  • debbie whitlock says:

    Hey Alex, I’ve been blessed reading about all that the Fa is doing there through you! I will be faithful to pray for the patients you shared about. Much Love, Debbie W

  • Becky Garate says:

    Alex thanks for all the updates. It sounds amazing. Be careful and we love ya. Let his will be done.

  • Sarah Edwards says:

    Alex!! That’s so amazing about the national at the clinic. Praise the Father for His amazing work. I’m so glad that you are getting to experience these things. The updates are great and we love to stay posted about what’s going on. And that mango juice sounds wonderful! Wish you could bring some back. 🙂 You are in my thoughts and pryrs daily!

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