Day 23/24-Fri,Sat July 30-31st

August 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Friday: I’m just not in the mood to journal today. Saturday: I had an interesting trip to the outdoor supermarket today. Courtney, Lisa and I all went to pick up some vegetables for dinner and to get out of the house for the day. As you walk into the entrance there are tons of women sitting outside selling their fruits, veggies, spices, bread, etc. We had a couple of weird happenings with the people…like semi uncomfortable but really memorable.
1. As I was walking in, a woman started tugging on my sheet (dress) and would not let go. I was trying to keep walking, but she held me there. Courtney and Lisa were in front of me, and they kept going because they didn’t see what was going on. She saw the bracelet on my wrist and started pulling at it like she wanted it. Then she said, “and dabo” which means “one bread”…like she wanted to give me one piece of bread in exchange for my bracelet. I just kinda started laughing and tried to pull away. She was so adamant about getting my bracelet and kept trying to coax me into giving it to her. I started getting a little uncomfortable because she wouldn’t let me go, kept making comments to her friends about me, and there were a ton of people watching. I started calling Courtney to come over, but she finally let me go and just laughed.
2. Then we ran into this guy who we think was probably drunk or high, but he was really dirty and had some random sticker stuck to his forehead…just kinda crazy. But first he grabbed Courtney’s hand to shake it, and then tried to kiss her on the mouth! She pushed him away and kept saying, “becka, backa”. (enough) Then he got to me, grabbed my hand to shake/kiss it, and then pulled me in for a big hug and kept saying, “I love you, please can I have a kiss?” and wouldn’t let go of my arm. He was really dirty and probably in his 40’s. Courtney came in to pull him off and yelled, “ayb” which means “shameful”. All of the women near by were getting onto the guy for bothering us, and they were so surprised that Courtney knew that word and were cheering/still yelling at the guy for being so inappropriate.
3. On our way out, we wanted to get a couple pieces of bread because it’s supposed to be really good. Well, Courtney was in front trying to buy it, so they handed her the bread and then I gave them money to pay for it. But then the lady tried to hand me more bread, and wanted Courtney to pay for hers. We were trying to explain to her that we only wanted one bread, and I had already paid for it but it was so confusing because we couldn’t understand her very well, and she couldn’t understand us. Well, as all this is going on, some older woman came up to us and started pulling at our sheets near our shoulders/chest. She did it to all three of us, and was talking the whole time like she was trying to explain something. And then, she randomly grabbed my chest with her hand, and I had no idea why! And then she came up behind Lisa and did the same thing, but with both of her hands! Lisa and I were just standing there so shocked, and had no idea what the lady was doing. We were trying to get Courtney’s attention, but she was too busy trying to figure out the bread situation, and I was distracted too because I was trying to figure out how to pay for it/handle this woman grabbing me. We were in this big crowd of people, everyone was watching us, and we couldn’t get out…but it wasn’t like the woman was intentionally doing something inappropriate to us, it was like she was trying to warn us of something because later she came up and put her hand on Courtney’s bag, and told her to watch her stuff because there was a boy near by who I guess has a tendency to steal.
4. And then one of the women near by showed me her slip (the thing you wear under your sheet) and asked me where mine was. Hers was really long, but I have short ones that go to my knees, so she couldn’t see it. She started pulling at the bottom of my sheet like she wanted me to raise my dress so she could make sure I had one on. I quickly told her that I was wearing it and let her feel the lace under the sheet. She said okay let me go. 🙂
All three of us walked out of there laughing and just so surprised by everything that had happened. It was so crazy and chaotic, and lots of fun stories came out of it. I got pulled, grabbed, groped, and almost flashed some people all in a matter of 30 minutes. This place is unpredictable, and I never know what to expect from some of the people, but it’s fun.


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