Day 25-Sunday, August 1st

August 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yo, it’s August already. That’s crazy.
Today, I got to visit an orphanage that is hopefully going to open up in September. The team here has been hoping to get it off the ground for a while, but they needed a couple of Americans to commit to a year to help get it started. Thankfully, a man and a woman from the team from MS have decided that they want to make that commitment. Neither of their spouses actually came on the trip with them, but they’re both trusting those desires and what they really feel the Father calling them to. It’s really cool that neither of their spouses have been to this city on the other side of the world, but they want to help make this happen. If that’s not trust and support then I don’t know what is. The team was just out here a couple weeks ago, and I think the two families are trying to make it out here by mid-October. Wow. So soon.
We got to see the room where the children will be sleeping, and where the meals, reading, craft time, etc will be taking place. We saw rows and rows of empty shelves that need to be filled with books, toys, crayons, etc. for these kids. That’s hard for me especially cause I know how important those things are…especially books! 🙂 They’re going to try and turn a long concrete slab into a basketball court, and they’re building community-type bathrooms with multiple toilets and showers. We also met a young woman who is going to be the “house mom” at the orphanage. She will sleep in the same room with the children and make sure most of their daily needs are met. She will definitely have help, but I think she will have most of the responsibility. Her story is pretty cool because a couple that works here on this team met her while they were living in the capitol city and really took her under their wing. She was homeless, living on the streets, and had a 6-month old baby. The couple let her move into their home and started to care for her and her baby. When they moved out here to DD, they sent for her a little while later so that she would not end up back on the streets. They continued to care for her, and when the need for the orphanage came about they decided that she would be the perfect person to watch over the children.

Then we went to “Bell Aire Amusement Park” to get some ice cream and hang out with some friends. It’s so funny that they call it an amusement park because they have a place where they serve all of their juice, coffee, sodas, ice cream, etc. and then a small room with some arcade games. They have Dance Dance Revolution, but we didn’t play it. Courtney and I had the mango juice with ice cream and it was even better than the juice by itself. The ice cream made it cold and creamy…like a milkshake. Yum!
After Bell Aire, the boys were planning on coming over to watch another movie on the projector. They both have motorcycles that they ride around because they don’t have cars, and they were tired of going out to the villages everyday by minibus. (They do sustainable development projects in the surrounding villages) Well, they had been offering to let me ride/teach me how to drive one while I’m here. I don’t think I’m quite ready to drive one, but Ian let me ride with him back to the house. It was a lot of fun! I think that’s my first time to actually ride a motorcycle…that I can remember. And I did it in Africa! 🙂 Good times.


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