Day 27-Tuesday, August 3rd

August 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today we got to go out to a village, HS, with the boys. They have a short-term team here, and we got to go and help out with their project. They were having a soccer game for the some of the older boys, and they brought real jerseys for them. They loved it!
Courtney and I did some exercises/games with the younger kids, and Jerryann, Lisa, and Mallory did a crafts class for some of the little ones too. It was really fun because Court and I started off with a quick warm-up, and we had them make a large circle and do jumping jacks. Oh man, they’re so funny! I don’t think any of them really understood the concept of a jumping jack, but they tried anyways. Some of them were just jumping up and down, flailing their arms around, doing whatever. So cute. Then we played duck-duck-goose, but we changed it to dog-dog-goat. You know, we gotta keep the game relevant to their lives. 🙂 They really liked it, but they couldn’t quite get the dog-dog-goat pattern either so they just started counting to 10. Whenever they wanted the other person to chase them, they would stop, stare, and wait for them to get up and chase them. It was really funny. London Bridges Falling Down was also a hit. They really liked getting caught in the bridge and being rocked back and forth. Some of the kids get really attached too. They always want to be holding your hand, sitting by you, or grabbing onto your clothes. It’s just good to get to love on them for the short time that I’m here. Even though we look different and we’re new to their village, they never hesitate to welcome us and make us feel right at home.
I got a lot of really good pictures at this village too. I’ve been doing better about taking my camera with me wherever I go. I would just hate to head back home and not have the pictures to remember my time, my experiences, and the people I’ve met here. I’d rather have too many than not enough.


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