Day 28-Wednesday, August 4th

August 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I thought this list would be fun…so here you go. There are many more that I could have added, but here are my favorites.

Top 10 Ways You Know You’re In Africa

10. Flights are delayed or cancelled, and nobody thinks anything of it. It’s just how things work around here…and don’t expect an airline worker to know the schedule either, they will just tell you, “I don’t know. The plane will leave in 30 minutes and then you will go. No problem”
9. Traffic laws hardly exist, and if they do, no one follows them. Cross the road at your own risk, and if a bajaj (taxi) ever splashes you then they will be fined.
8. No running water is normal, and the, “bucket shower” happens every other day. But fresh rain showers are the one you look forward to the most.
7. There’s no guarantee that you’ll have electricity EVERY day, and when it finally comes back on you’ll hear everyone on the streets cheering…and you’ll be cheering too.
6. Packing 20 people into a minibus is completely normal.
5. You are constantly being stared at and people are yelling, “You! Forengi! Sister! Are you fine? China!” (the kids call every foreigner “China”)
4. A traffic jam consists of herds of donkeys, goats, sheep, people, laxi’s, etc.
3. You buy your vegetables from the lady around the corner, and the best tasting bread ever is baked on a flat stone grill by another woman down the street.
2. President Obama’s face is on EVERYTHING: school notebooks, t-shirts, belt buckles, flags, etc. He is a hero.
1. So much of you doesn’t want to go back home.


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