Day 29-Thursday, August 5th

August 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today has been a pretty relaxed day. Usually we have a clinic on Thursdays, but Dr. Sarah has not been feeling well. She has an infection on her arm, and the doctors here thought it was a worm. They cut it open and tried to get the worm out, but there was no worm to be found. I don’t think the infection has spread much, but they’ve been having to drain the cut two times a day, and a lot of toothpaste-like puss has been coming out. If you could be pring for her I know she would really appreciate it. She’s in a lot of pain and pretty worn out, but she’s hanging in there.
Anyways, Court and I took Lisa to the airport this morning. It’s time for her to go back to the States. 😦 It was really sad for all three of us, but I’m so glad that her and Court got to spend a couple of weeks together. I know they really treasured that time.
After we got home we all just hung out around the house for a while, and I got to call my mom! I was so excited! I called her at work and completely surprised her. It was so good to hear her voice, and catch up for a little while. I couldn’t talk very long since it was an international call, but I tried to give her a quick run down on everything that’s been going on here, and she updated me on everything back home.
Then all of us girls made dinner together-Macaroni Grill’s meals in a box…pasta w/ chicken, and then we made some roasted vegetables. Yum! And then we set up the projector and had another movie night. We watched Eagle Eye, and the boys came over a little while later to hang out.
Also, I think everything has worked out with my Compassion visit. I had a lot of trouble the past couple of days trying to get a hold of the office to finalize the details, but I think everything has finally come together! I seriously can’t wait. I don’t want my time to end here in DD, but I’m so anxious to meet my girl! So soon.


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