don’t rain on my snow day.

February 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

so today was the 4th snow day in a row for this girl. for the past 3 days i’ve done nothing but eat, sleep, plan lessons, check twitter/facebook, and be a bum. and finally, abby was off work too, so we actually got to do something together. AND the past 3 days we have had no snow ironic  just rain, sleet, and ice.

abs and i decided to take advantage of this great opportunity. it started snowing pretty hard last night, and we woke up to a beautiful powdery morning. prime conditions for sledding! our first stop was Target, of course. we needed boots because old tennis shoes and cheap, knock-off Ugg type boots would not do the trick. we found a cute pair of rain boots (we bought the same pair because apparently we like the same things) shocker the next item on our list was a sled. or something that would act as a sled. we brought our large rubbermaid lids sprayed with PAM to the hill (which ended up failing terribly), but luckily we chose to scope out the toys/sports section just in case something might work. and well friends, we found a winner. the round, blow-up donut  pool floaties work like a charm. slick and fast. just the way we like it.

anyways, i’m getting ahead of myself. so we left Target with our new gear in hand and headed toward our hill. so, abby has had this place in mind for awhile. it’s right off of I-20 and perfectly steep for a good sledding adventure. so we’re driving up and see a couple kids and families already there. no big deal, right? that’s what we were thinking. we’ll share. well, i pulled up and apparently i did NOT park in the right place. this mean, old man came close to my window and started waving his arms around shooing me away. mouthing at me to, “get out of the way” and “don’t park here!” okay okay, so i chose the wrong place to park…right where the sledders were coming down. my bad. i didn’t know! he was such a grump. i pulled out and just kept driving on…

abby and i were so quiet in the car after that, driving around for somewhere else to go. we were like the little kids that didn’t get picked for the kickball game and were told to go home.

can't sit here.

our spirits were crush. our response was pretty hilarious because here we are 22 and 25 years old, and we looked like we just got bullied out.

after we drove around for another 15 mins. (no joke) thinking about what we should do and building our courage back up, we finally decided to go back and take what was ours!! *insert rally cry*

just like braveheart. kinda.

just kidding. we pulled up WAY behind the other cars and went to the other side of the hill. which was way more fun, trust me. anyways, here are a couple of videos documenting the fun. (i don’t know why it won’t show the actual videos) help, anyone?

also, i’m truly not bitter towards that guy. he was just a tad rude.


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