american honey

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

for some reason, listening to country music is an incredibly nostalgic experience for me. i don’t listen to it very often. it’s not my first choice. sometimes i think the lyrics are too surface and a bit cheesy at times. i usually lean towards music that is more creative, less cliche, and interpreting the lyrics might be necessary. however, part of me really appreciates the straight-forwardness of country music. they say exactly what they’re thinking-no need for reading between the lines or making assumptions. sometimes it’s a nice change…an easy listen.

 i think the nostalgia stems from my small west texas town roots. it’s a part of my southern soul that i’ll never be able to shake, and i’m okay with that. life moves at a much slower pace, there’s a friendly spirit, and the people take a little extra time to take part in your life.

now, i’m not saying that that’s not the case out here in DFW, i’ve met too many incredible friends/families to count, but i’m assuming my biased view is because west texas is technically home for me. it’s my childhood, my teenage years, the majority of the life i’ve lived. anyways, i just always remember driving home from college listening to country music because as soon as i reached the wide open fields it just seemed like country was the best fit. windows down, hair blowing, and the bright sun shining. that’s what i go back to. it feels like summer and it sounds like summer.

currently: lady a on repeat.


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