embracing my literacy & the freedom of summer

July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

so, if you really know me then you know that i am an avid reader.

case and point: at the end of my 5th grade year, i had accumulated more A.R. points than any other student in the entire intermediate school and there wasn’t anything in the A.R. store that was worth my points, so the librarian ended up buying me a gameboy color in exchange for said points.


impressed? yeah, i thought so. but then, around the 6th grade my family decided to get cable, i started to develop a social life (friends & sports), and the days of reading for hours and hours on end quickly slipped away. until now…

anyways, i thought i’d compile a list of my summer reads so far. because other than filling out applications, gettin my tan on, working a couple of hours here and there, running and sweating my brains out, i’ve actually gotten to sit down and just read. and it has been glorious. so here goes:

a) the hunger games series: suzanne collins
the hunger games
catching fire
* loved this trilogy! definitely an easy read, that’s why it’s considered young adult (no shame), but i felt myself cheering for katniss the whole way through. i want to say that book 1 was my favorite, but it’s hard to choose.

b.) buried prey, john sandford
*i like murder mysteries, i do. whether it’s on t.v. or in a book, i’m intrigued. great/sad story. sandford is a great writer, and i’d definitely read the other 20 “prey” books he’s written.

c.) 5th avenue, 5 a.m., sam wesson
*and so begins my obsession with the late 50’s-60’s and audrey hepburn.

i mean, honestly.

this was sort-of a non-fiction piece about the making of breakfast at tiffany’s and i enjoyed it. it’s fascinating to learn some of the details of an american icon’s personal life and marriage as well as the influence of a movie. it was being made during a time where the ideals of a “leave it to beaver” mother/wife like june cleaver were being challenged, and it was becoming a little more ‘okay’ for a young woman to work, live on her own, and the sole goal of her life not being to marry and bear children. revolutionary times, i suppose, and audrey had a big influence in this through her role in BAT. anyways, the book is pretty short, but its insight into miss hepburn’s life piqued my curiosity. since i read it, i have rented and watched roman holiday, sabrina, funny face…and finally, breakfast at tiffany’s is waiting for me.

d.) the help, kathryn stockett
*loved this story, and loved the women in this book (some of them). it hits some tough issues, but the author did a brilliant job of displaying the right amount of sensitivity and reality to the storyline. i’m not too excited about the movie, mainly because 10 times out of 10, the movie never does the book justice. but maybe i’ll go see it for kicks.

e.) this lullaby; along for the ride, sarah dessen
*these two books are such chick books. not my favorite, but just easy summer reads. both were about girls who, for some reason, are hesitant to let a serious boy into their life, but along comes some unconventional, not-their-type of boy who is able to, eventually, nudge his way into their heart for good. totes predictable story line, but who cares.  i still eat that junk up. 

f.) millennium trilogy, stieg larsson
the girl with the dragon tattoo
the girl who played with fire
-the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest
*i don’t really feel comfortable saying “this trilogy was soo good” as much as i should say this trilogy was so well written. excellent story, incredible characters, etc. but it just had some heavy content that, at times, was a bit unnerving to read. now, i’m not too conservative when it comes to reading, but some of the subject matter was just tough. needless to say, i couldn’t put any of the 3 books down.

-harry potter and the half blood prince, j.k. rowling, duh.
*i wanted to re-read books 6 & 7 before the new movie came out, but unfortunately, they kept getting pushed to the side by my other reads. and so book 6 continues to sit on my shelf about 1/4 of the way through. i’ll get to it eventually.

-water for elephants, sara gruen
-something borrowed, emily griffin
bossypants, tina fey
beyond belief, josh hamilton
mark of the lion series, francine rivers
breaking the islam code, j.d. greear

so, what pulls your eyes off of a screen and onto pages?


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