call me coach d., yeah?

August 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

i’m assuming you made it here to my blog by way of the twitter or the facebook or you are 1 of the 4 people who actually check this thing, but let me explain:

i’m moving. i’m moving to odessa, tx. back to the open fields and the brown land. west texas: the place i said i’d never go back to? well, yes i suppose i am. i took a position at odessa college as the assistant volleyball coach. i’m back into that world i knew for so long, and i’ve gotta say, i’m pretty excited about it. i would be crazy not to take the opportunity in front of me (especially since i haven’t heard anything back from the 27 elementary principals i’ve been e-mailing since may). it’s such a great set-up, and i’m incredibly grateful for everything that’s been done to get me out there.

is odessa the ideal big town/small city for this girl? probably not, but it does have a (singular) target, jason’s deli, and chick-fil-a, so i will survive. i’m a pretty minimal kind of person. i could be happy anywhere…or that’s what i like to think.

i just got back from a quick visit to o-town and verbally committed yesterday morning. our first official practice is august 8th, so that means i’m moving on sunday. yeah, this coming sunday. i’m super bummed because it’s so soon, and i don’t know how i’m going to say good-bye to all the people i’ve come to know and love over the past 3 years in the DF-DUBB; however, the position is temporary at this point in time…it looks like it may only be through november, but i’m guessing we’ll re-evaluate around that time. my plan right now is to come back when i’m done, but who knows what other doors might open up from there. i think it’s best if i have no plan.

i’ve joked that if i can find me a ‘tim riggins’ out there, then i’ll stay forever. except for the whole 17 year old alcoholic thing. if you are a fan of friday night lights then you know what i’m talking about. oh yeah, you know what i’m talking about. ha. i am such a lame human being.

anyways, there’s no better way to spread news + details this quick than through this here thing called the internets.  i’m packing my life away this week and leaving in a couple of days. it’s weird, but it’s good. transition is always such a bittersweet place to be in, and who knows, maybe after four months i’ll be right back at square one. until then, you can find me in odessa. (i’ve gotta get used to that)

if there’s any way that i can see all of you before i go then let’s somehow, some way make it happen. cheers to new places and new faces.

                                                         go wranglers.


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  • Congrats! I still have a year left to graduate… Eeek.. But, I would also go where ever there was a job… I might even sell myself to a job that would pay for my master and move.. I wish you the best! ❤ and miss you!! At least you get to be on the other side of 3 a days!! Just saying.. haha


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